Professional Profile: Harmonize

This is a professional profile offered following a career test conducted on
Year: 2019.

The Harmonizes do not follow at all the new trend of the labour market which is to change positions regularly. These loyal collaborators treat their colleagues as family members and are always ready to take on new responsibilities for the good of the team. Dedicated to building strong relationships, they have significant added value within the teams. Harmonizers feel better when their colleagues are happy and they are good at finding win-win solutions to interpersonal problems.

Being very positive, the Harmonizes bring many strengths to their work, for example: – The Harmonizes are known to influence and guide their employees through organizational changes – managers often rely on the Harmonizes to ensure that the work is done, because they are willing to provide more effort if necessary for the good of their team

Harmonizers can have opportunities for career development, and many of them set goals to overcome the following challenges: – spending too much time focusing on interpersonal relationships at work rather than fulfilling the given responsibilities – knowing how to create a work-life balance. Harmony has a hard time saying no, which can lead to scheduling problems

The loyalty that The Harmonizes have towards their managers and organizations often leads them not to change jobs; they generally have a well-defined career path. Thanks to their commitment and reputation for communication and collaboration they are often promoted to positions with more and more responsibilities. However, an Harmonize will never remain for long in a position that threatens its well-being. If the work environment no longer works or becomes toxic, the Harmonizes move forward, they are very interesting candidates among competitors.

It is easy to spot the Harmoniss at work: they are the first to come and welcome you and introduce you to others. They are also known for:

Finding innovative solutions
Finding effective solutions in a pro-active way: you can count on The Harmonizes to find creative solutions to overcome a barrier

Excellent communicators
Strong communication skills: when there are major disagreements


Natural temperament: Idealist spantane

This is a facet of my personality, a test performed on

The spontaneous idealist is a creative, lively and open-minded person. It amuses and transmits an engaging desire to live. His enthusiasm and energy inspire everyone in a contagious way. He enjoys being with other people and often has an extraordinary intuition for their motivations and potential. The spontaneous idealist is a master of communication and a fun and gifted artist. In his presence, diversion and variety are guaranteed. However, it is sometimes a little impulsive when creating relationships and may unintentionally offend some people by its direct and sometimes critical nature.

This type of personality is a fine observer, always alert, who does not miss anything that passes around him. In extreme situations, it tends to be too sensitive and be too on the living and therefore internally always prepared to pounce. Life is an exciting play full of emotions for him. However, he gets bored quickly when things happen again and too specific work is required. His creativity, imagination and originality take on their full potential when he develops new projects or ideas – that's when he leaves them to others to set up them meticulously. In general, the spontaneous idealist gives great value to his inner and outer independence and does not like subordinate roles. This has caused him problems with the hierarchy and the authorities.

If you have a spontaneous idealist as a friend, you will never get bored; With him you will be able to enjoy life to the fullest and organize the best parties. He is affectionate, sensitive, caring and always ready to help. If the spontaneous idealist has just fallen in love, the sky is full of violins and his new partner will be covered with attention and affection. It is then that this personality takes all its charm, tenderness and imagination. But unfortunately, he gets bored quickly as soon as the novelty has passed. The couple's daily train train is not his cup of tea, and so many spontaneous idealists go from adventure to adventure. However, if his partner is able to keep his curiosity awake and does not let routine and familiarities take over, the spontaneous idealist can be a stimulating and affectionate partner.

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