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    I have 10 years of experience in e-commerce. I worked with several agencies and advertisers in B2C and B2B as a digital manager. Check and discover my work experiences!

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    I studied marketing and management for 4 years at an International University regrouping 3 schools from Germany, Switzerland and France. I did my specialization in e-Business at the EM Business school in Strasbourg. Check out my full education.

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    Are you a recruiter or an employer? I created my own business but I am always looking for opportunities should you have any opening for a Chief Digital Officer position. Please review my resume.

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An expert in digital strategy, marketing and digital transformation in Strasbourg, Alsace

Digital transformation or digital transformation is part of a project to transform your business and must be led by a digital expert. A true digital project manager by proposing an appropriate strategy, it is around solutions tailored by the digital professions that the support is realized. This implementation does not only involve digital marketing or social networks with Community management, it is a real paradigm around technology that is changing to develop business opportunities.

What is digital transformation?

Digital transformation is about implementing organizational changes around digital innovation. The means implemented can be the creation of a website, the digitalization of HR or even a brand content strategy.

In an increasingly competitive competitive environment, gaining the advantage over its competitors does not only involve marketing or digital communication campaigns. Thus, the different levers of digital facilitate the loyalty of your customers and the conquest of new ones.

Digital transformation and work life must coexist. Implementing new technologies such as big data or cloud computing requires raising awareness and driving change on the part of your employees. In itself, it is a real change in the internal culture of your company that needs to be instilled.

This is a real transformation in the organization of the company that must be operated with the tools available and those to come. From the production department to the customer relationship, your company’s information system must be integrated.

As an expert in digital strategy and marketing I accompany you in your digital transformation through a coaching and training service. My varied experiences both in the advertiser and in the agency have given me this complete vision of the problems encountered in digitalization strategies. Taking on the role of Chief Digital Officer (CDO), my action can go beyond that of a webmarketer, a digital strategy consultant or digital marketing coach, depending on your problem.

How can you make the digital transformation of your company?

From now on, integrating a digital expert into the overall business strategy is a business-generating one. Beyond calling a Google Adwords (SEA) expert or a Google Ads trainer, it’s a set of skills needed in the strategic choices available to you.

The digital strategy also aims to develop a better experience for both your customers and your employees. This is why digital transformation integrates an important part of the human, as evidenced by the implementation of a cross-channel strategy for a network of shops.

In addition I invite you to read an article that summarizes my 10 keys to success to succeed on the internet, energize your teams and take new steps!
Some examples of actions in the context of digital transformation:

  • The redesign or creation of a showcase or e-commerce site through a CMS of
    Magento, Proximis, WordPress or other types of
  • Traffic acquisition through natural SEO (SEO) or paid referencing (SEA) via Google Adwords campaigns
  • Launching emailing campaigns with targeting criteria
  • Development of Inbound marketing: blog, Community management, influencers, e-reputation
  • Digitalization of human resources through more responsive recruitment processes through visibility tools and efficient processes
  • Setting up an information system with a CRM or cloud computing to combine performance, responsiveness and security
  • Integrating a data backup policy to limit risk
    physical, human and software data loss
  • Developing a content and social selling strategy across social networks to display a distinctive image of your business and sell on social media

These managerial, marketing and technical skills meet your need to grow your business. I can support you in these strategic investments so that your measurable return on investment meets your growth objectives.

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photo de aldric schloegel homme en costume

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